Katherine Keates

Fine Art Photography

Artist's Statement 


"The delight I take in photography combined with the beauty, curiosity, and mystery that it brings, has led me to deeply explore the art and craft of photography.  

I always strive to present a unique vision and apply an artistic and emotional approach to my work."

Nothing makes me happier than to be out in the field with my camera, but it takes a full experience to create my best work. In order to unlock the secrets of the visual world and use ALL senses in the process of making an image, you sometimes just need to leave your camera in the bag. What I have learned is that we cannot really know everything about a place or a person by just looking through a lens. We can be very surprised by the experience we have missed when simply focusing on the 'taking'.

As the renowned photographer, Minor White, once said, "Often, while traveling with a camera, we arrive just as the sun slips over the horizon of a moment, too late to expose film, only time enough to expose our hearts." I like to believe that at least a little piece of my heart can be seen in all of my work.


Values:  Photography is what feeds my soul. How I photograph and represent my work matters to me.

I value and respect the rules, regulations and privacy when visiting a natural or public area. I photograph authentically, courteously, and respectfully with careful thought to any reactions that my actions may cause.

Adhering to my ethical code of conduct as a photographer means that I walk the talk. Self-education of the environment, weather, and hazards plus setting an example to others are paramount. Respect and courtesy are truths that I uphold in the making of an image both alone and in the company of others.